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Microfiber absorbent mop

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    Microfiber absorbent mop: Every time the drag End to most worry about is there is always some small hairy can not afford to clean up, but also leave a watermark can be really annoying, especially in the winter, sandals has become a dilemma,several days are not capable. . .
    I introduced a microfiber towel bar made of quick-drying mop, given rise to the ground without leaving a watermark not found that tardiness is not hairy things. .
    Product Description: clean rags, clean mop, polish your life, scrub without leaving any traces, water stains, lint-free! Proteolysis does not breed bacteria! Without detergent to remove grease wash that is, that is, net Life longer than similar leather products, low prices! No chemicals absorbent is five times that of ordinary towel! Application Type: household cleaning, food shop, clean, high demand workshop, fabric characteristics: adopt the GKJ-DTY ultrafine textile fabric woven into, does not contain any chemical composition. So-called microfiber, the denier is equivalent to 1/200 of the hair, this microfiber super absorbent capacity, water absorption is seven times the ordinary fiber, water absorption rate is six times that of cotton towels, soft, comfortable, strong detergency, not rotten, lint-free, reusable, durability is four times that of ordinary towels. Washing method: available soap or detergent cleaning, machine wash better, disable clothes softener grades: First grade

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