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Why do you have to bring a towel to the gym?

2017/4/1 view:
    Love watching sports people know that athletes in strenuous exercise will wipe with a towel; runners in the gym, most people will bring a towel around her neck or resting on the armrest. Do not think that the towel to wipe the sweat to cultivate good exercise habits of no great importance, and it is from these details.
    After the exercise, out of a sweat, if not promptly wipe, it will slowly evaporate. After the exercise body fever, the body will be due to evaporation of sweat and heat loss, such a cold and a hot stimulus, it is easy to cause a cold. There are some ball games, such as basketball, tennis, sweat on the face does not rub, will affect the line of sight, thus affecting the quality of the game, so many basketball and tennis players wear headband, used to absorb sweat. There are badminton and tennis need to hold the racket, if the hand does not wipe the sweat in time, the hand is very slippery, will hold the racket instability.
    There are a variety of sports towels on the market, including cotton, superfine fiber, bamboo fiber, wood fiber, etc., its water absorption, permeability are better than ordinary household towels, more professional, suitable for the majority of sports enthusiasts.
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