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What is the general use of car towels better

2017/4/1 view:
    Now the car has been very popular, but the car wash? Some people may go to the 4S shop, some people may go to automotive beauty cleaning shop ordinary, it will certainly have to own the car wash car wash, the most important thing is to choose a good wash towel, how about that car wash towel is best? Is not the car wash with a towel is the best?
A good car, of course, also needs a good car wash towel to maintain it. Microfiber car towels as early as a few years ago in the automotive industry in the automotive industry, automotive beauty shop or professional channels in the growing demand.
    Microfiber car wash towels are made of a specific fiber and are often used in automotive beauty. There are many kinds of microfiber washing towels, and you need to know how to use a microfiber towel before washing it. As a matter of fact, plain cloth or wiping cloth may scratch your body or scratch your paint. Many professional car beauticians are now using microfiber towels to clean and wipe the car.
There are a lot of microfiber towels to clean your car, depending on how much you need to do to clean up the car. Even today, we can still see someone with old T- shirt, rags, paper towels and other cleaning cars. Some people use the same towel to clean the whole car, which is a mistake.
    Superfine fiber has become an indispensable part of today's cleaning industry, it can be polished, clean all surfaces of a car. In fact, the most professional automotive beautician is not to scratch the surface of the body, do not damage the paint. When you clean the car with an ordinary rag or rags, the normal fiber is large enough to catch up with the tiny particles in the body, and it will spread to the whole body with the fiber. When this happens, it will cause damage to the car paint.
    Microfiber wash mitts its heavy superfine fiber, strong adsorption and removal of dirt particles, so the residue by superfine fiber connected to a stain rather than drag to remove the body paint stains. This is also the reason why we strongly require the use of microfiber washing towels to remove wax residue.
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