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Treatment of superfine fiber towel

2017/4/1 view:
    Method for treating towel fade:
    Superfine fiber towel fade first recruit: pickling method. The need for raw materials: vinegar this trick is mainly aimed at red or purple and other colors of the towel. Method is not in the towel before the water, add some ordinary vinegar to the towel on a little longer! But the amount of vinegar can not be too much, otherwise easy to light colored towel dyeing. If you can often wash towels so that you can ensure that the color of the towel as bright as new!
    The anti fade second recruit: toilet water cleaning method. Ingredients: toilet water second strokes more suitable for towels, method is in accordance with the conventional method cleaning towel, towel rinse clean, in the water a few drops of toilet water, and then washed towels soaked in the water for ten minutes. This method can be used to wash the towel can also play a role in disinfection and odor removal.
    Anti fade towel third measure: salt water immersion method. Raw materials: salt to buy new towels in order to prevent fading, the first time before the water to be used for half an hour with concentrated brine, and then according to the conventional method of cleaning. If you still have a slight fade, you can soak in the water for ten minutes before each time the water is washed with water, the long run persist, the towel will never fade!
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