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Microfiber towels can be disinfected towels do?

2017/4/1 view:
     is the main material of superfine fiber. Superfine fiber is a kind of high quality and high technology of textile raw materials, ultrafine fiber because of very small diameter, so the bending stiffness is very small, the fiber feels very soft, with strong cleaning function and waterproof breathable effect. Superfine fiber has many fine micro pores between the fibers, the formation of capillary structure, if processed into towel fabric, it has high water absorption, washed hair with the towel can quickly absorb moisture, make hair dry. Due to the fine performance of microfiber towels, microfiber towels have become the darling of the hair salon, foot shop, beauty salons and hotels and other businesses to use towels.
    Use of superfine fiber towel
    1, household daily (dry hair towel, dry hair cap, bath towel)
    2, household cleaning (washing dishes, wiping tables, wiping the floor, etc.)
    3, car care (washing and wiping)
    4, beauty salon industry dedicated (beauty towel, dry hair towel, bath towel, etc.)
    People who are allergic or allergic to chemicals can be very fond of microfiber cleaning towels. Because they do not need to use any chemical when wiping. Microfiber cleaning towel can be used repeatedly and very durable. After each use, as long as the cleaning towel into the water can be washed back as new.
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